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Welcome, I'm Jan!

My goal is to add extra value to your life that you never dreamed possible. Obtain tools and training that you can immediately use to create an online business. You decide how much you want, to enjoy your life and freedom to the fullest.

What I'm about to give you is something I call "Digital Lifestyle." Even if you're a person who doesn't understand much about technology like me, I assure you that it won't be hard to adapt. The internet is one of the tools that moves the world the most.

I recommend above all that you start with the right foot in this project. You'll find obstacles at any time, embarking isn't easy, and even if they tell you "it's too good to be true", show them that with a bit of effort and dedication, anyone can achieve the things they desire.

Hobbies & Passions

"As a runner, I see the similarity it holds with Mentors and LaunchYou; No such traditional thinking of one and only winner exists."


Since my youth, I have always been very athletic, and staying fit has been a natural ingredient in my life. I am a person who likes to compete and measure the limits of my ability. At one time, I devoted myself to playing golf and tennis. Due to my constant business trips and shortage of time, I lost the opportunity to become talented in these sports.

Still, I found a way to continue to utilize my skills. I opted for jogging. I've always done it, for the simple reason of staying in a good physical condition. The most wonderful thing about this sport is that you can do it anywhere, whenever and however you want.

A good pair of sneakers and the necessary sportswear always fit in a suitcase. So there's no excuse! For years I have been training seriously, and I love to participate in the different races that are now very popular worldwide.

Every year I run at least two marathons. I also run three or four half-marathons and participate in 10K. If you belong to the same passionate group of runners, maybe we will find each other in some marathon.

The community among passionate runners is a lot like the Community of Six Figure Mentors. We all belong to groups of positive people helping each other achieve our goals. There is no traditional thinking where there should be only one winner; in this community, WE'RE ALL WINNERS!

Let me tell you a little more about my life......……

My full name is Jan Olof, although here in Latin America where I'm living, everyone calls me Jan.

I'm of Swedish origin and have been a resident for several years in the beautiful Acapulco, Mexico.

I'm a competitive person who is always looking for new challenges to improve my life.


The word "enough" doesn't exist in my vocabulary because I always look for the best.

We're all proud of our lives, and that's why we want to share it with others. My personal history is characterized by consistently achieving my goals in life. The two main ingredients have been passion and conviction, backed by total dedication and perseverance. Thanks to these characteristics, I realize that you can't reach your goals unless you're fully committed to your dreams.

My passion has allowed me to lead companies in various countries around the world with good achievements, good income, and recognition in my career.

At the "experience" level, I must admit that I made a grave error and an error that I refused to recognize. My goal was at its highest level. It was success after success, financial stability, and no conflict to work for an employer or business owner. However, it didn't give me the liberty and independence that I always wanted.

My passionate entrepreneurial spirit was shut off for a moment.

The year 2014 represents an important milestone in my life because it was the year that I decided to make a radical change. Money wasn't what drove me, but the intense desire to be able to decide about my own time.

When looking at options to undertake on the internet, I found endless offers that promise you'll be a millionaire overnight without effort. Obviously, none of these proposals impressed me until the day I found LaunchYou. Instead of promising wealth in minimal time and without any effort, they asked passionate entrepreneurs to change their lives and enter the digital world through hard work, sacrifice, and total dedication.

Every time I read and listened to their successful testimonies, I was more convinced that I had found the concept that met my requirements of seriousness, professionalism, freedom, and the possibility of significant income.

All of us who work in this Noble Digital Business want to see more successful entrepreneurs, as my case has been and that of many more who looked for a winning concept. Your success will also be my success, and in our community, you'll represent an essential resource as a digital marketer.

Here's the scoop

All of us in this environment have a special mission to change as many lives as possible in the coming years, using the internet to achieve financial freedom and liberate your free time. Join me right now in this fantastic journey, which I call total freedom! 

If you're still reading, it's because you're like me and you always need all the possible information to make decisions...

"Discover how I can help you create the Lifestyle you've always dreamed of with a Business You Love!"

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